Ke Yona, Ya Rona.

The one that belongs to us all.

This year, the Nedbank Cup is back with a twist. The teams will play for your share of R5 million, and R500 000 for your Stokvel.

Frequently asked questions

Select the team that you will support throughout the tournament. If your team gets knocked out of the tournament, you can change your team on (all the points that you will have earned by that point will be carried forward).

You will miss the opportunity to win the weekly prize and won’t accumulate points, but you can still participate for a chance to win your share of R5 million.

Up to 3 signatories can enter on behalf of the stokvel, which must have a Nedbank Stokvel Account with us.

Yes, as long as you have a Nedbank MiGoals Plus Account, Savvy Plus Account or Stokvel Account and it is in good standing, which means that it must not be in arrears or have been handed over for legal collection.

Competition Terms and Conditions
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